After 20+ years in the marketing staffing space, we’ve learned a thing or two about finding the right candidate and finding him or her quickly.

But finding the right people can be tough. Only 24 percent of marketers report actively searching for new opportunities, making it that much more important to approach filling your open marketing roles in a well-thought out and methodical way.

That’s why we’ve created a brand new tool to help you craft the ultimate job description.

Use this guide to:  
  • Flesh out virtually every aspect of your ideal candidate.
  • Identify the hard and soft skills relevant to the job.
  • Uncover the things that make your organization a great place to work.
  • Write the ULTIMATE job description.
Our easy to use guide will painlessly walk you through the process of writing a job description by asking thoughtful questions to encourage you to think about the role in a new light and helping you put the pieces together to create a successful and compelling job description.

Download our latest hiring guide: Crafting the Ultimate Job Description today.